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Stepper motor controls for mechatronic systems

Stepper motor control of ivb drive technology

Ideal control for mechatronic systems

The stepper motor control determines the possible applications and the precise function of stepper motors. The stepper motor controller from ivb-Antriebstechnik meets the requirements of technical applications.

A stepper motor is an electric motor in which the rotor is moved step by step by means of special design and control. The application possibilities for stepper motors are enormously variable. For example, about 80 stepper motors are installed in upper mid-range vehicles. They control the variable setting of throttle valves, valves or constructions. The stepper motor controller can be equipped with individual firmware and thus adjusted to the technical requirements of the application. The manufacturers offer the appropriate stepper motor control, support and accessories for stepper motors. A stepper motor controller can be used for the simple requirements of an electric kitchen clock or as a stepper motor controller for precise functions of a motor in complex technical systems.

Fields of application

One-step motor control elements are used in air conditioning, laboratory and environmental technology, medical technology, vehicle construction, mechanical engineering and building automation. The stepper motor controller is individually adapted by the manufacturer to the planned use of the stepper motors. Demanding tasks of programming and process control belong to the field of stepper motor control. At ivb Antriebstechnik you can rely on qualified specialists and engineers with experience in the field of stepper motor control and CNC technology.

We have the stepper motor controls manufactured by S.H.S. with many years of experience.

By using common interface definitions (communication interfaces), all 2-phase stepper motors can be operated. The motors and controls are perfectly matched to each other and function extremely reliably.

Whether for automation (e.g. building automation), automotive, mechanical engineering, in the medical sector, or for semiconductors, the motors are really versatile. We also create individual industry solutions according to your needs. Please contact us directly!