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Linear actuators: Highest quality from german supplier

Our offer - Linear drives or Linear Actuators with electric control, stepper motors and much more.

Our Company

The company i.v.b. - Antriebstechnik GmbH has existed for more than 20 years. It is a trading company for automation technology. Our partner company is a manufacturer of special products, such as linear drives, for solving complex tasks in drive technology.
Already since 2000 we act as the German agency of Sonceboz S.A., which is active in Switzerland.
We have also been a system partner since 2001. In addition, we have been working together with our technology partner SHS Italy since 2000.
In addition to the stepper motor and the linear drives, we have an extensive range of products with various performance features in our selection, so that their use has the best benefit for our customers.

Convince yourself of our linear drives.

Our Shipping of stepper motors:

Our suppliers are producers and dealers with certification. They ensure the high quality and reliability of our linear drives and other products in accordance with international quality standards. Due to the close cooperation with our suppliers it is possible for us to create flexible individual project realizations for our customers.

Our goal

We have made it our goal to offer our national and international customers the most impressive electrical products in drive technology, such as linear drives, for the solution of innovative tasks with the best quality.

Our Products and Systems - Our Solutions of stepper motors

Hybrid Stepper Motor - The Special Stepper Motor
The hybrid stepper motor is a positioning drive which is digitally controlled. They are used when a high torque already at low speed, exact positioning and high accuracy are serious factors.
Each 2-phase stepper motor can be operated with a controller, also with individual firmware. The electrical control and the stepper motors are perfectly matched to each other.

Linear Actuators - Linear Drives

Linear actuators are inexpensive, reliable and robust.
The linear actuators, also known as linear actuators, consist of tried and tested permanent magnet stepper motors and a system of rotating nuts with fixed spindle with forward and backward movements. The Linear Actuators can be used for all linear positioning tasks and especially for the control of flow rates such as air, gas and liquids.
Linear actuators provide instantaneous force coupling.
Due to the simple and flexible motor design, the linear actuators are inexpensive and provide an optimal result with low energy consumption.
Linear drives allow sensitive control of even very large forces with little energy requirement.
For more detailed questions on the subject of linear actuators/linear actuators, please contact our support team.

Torque motor - the electric stepper motor

Torque motors are particularly solid and create a high torque at low volumes. Their adjustment range is a maximum of 90 degrees. Linearity is ensured over a working range of 75 degrees.
Torque motors can be positioned in any position within the adjustment range.

Your questions about stepper motors

If you have any questions about the Linear Actuators, the Stepper Motor, the Linear Actuators/ Linear Actuators, the Electrical Controller or any of our other products, please contact Support.
This is available for you at any time.