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planetary gears and angular planetary gears

Planetary gears and angular planetary gears

As a dealer for planetary gearheads and/or angular planetary gearheads, i.v.b. Antriebstechnik GmbH offers countless concepts for the professional control of rotational speeds and mass moments of inertia. For solutions with a round output flange, a low backlash or different ratios for all common motors. It goes without saying that all gears are adapted to the special requirements of the orders in cooperation with our customers.

In order to meet the diverse requirements of the industry, we now offer individually adapted solutions for almost all areas.

Angular planetary gearheads and planetary gearheads are designed in different variants in such a way that they can fulfil very specific tasks. With these solution concepts, we can meet any challenge and offer interesting options for the realization of customer requirements.

Whether single-stage planetary gear single-stage angular gear or two-stage angular gear, three-stage planetary gear or three-stage angular gear.

Worm gear units or rotary gear units - this supplier offers a perfect solution for every challenge! Whether in the function like a sun gear, with planetary gear or for multiple planetary gears, planet carriers with or without drive shaft and for exactly specified output - the options of the angular planetary gears are so numerous that almost every customer wish can be fulfilled within a reasonable time.

Wherever a solid and enduring power transmission is required, a diverter gear, differential gear, ring gear or stepped planetary gear can create the ideal connection as required. The ability to support individual work processes at any time makes angular planetary gears or planetary gears so attractive. They are just as suitable for machining with a hollow shaft as they are for use with a servo motor with planetary gearhead, a servo motor with angular gearhead or an electric motor with angular gearhead - the only decisive factor for the respective application is the very specific requirements placed on the angular planetary gearhead.

Whether optimum connection to the clutch or the best possible speed torque - our gearboxes will convince you.

With our impressive range, we can certainly meet your requirements for the highest quality and efficiency. Customers who are looking for a small angular gear, the ideal servo angular gear, a 90 degree gear or a two-stage planetary gear are just as welcome with us as the client who is looking for a special planetary gear, gear wheels or the optimum planetary gear transmission ratio.

We offer every possible variant for the stepper motor.

We offer stepper motors with planetary gear, the stepper motor with angular gear and of course also for the electric motor with planetary gear, so that we can always provide a perfect constellation for our customers. The spectrum of possibilities certainly leaves nothing to be desired. The monetary options can also compete with those of our competitors.

The output shaft of the planetary gear is particularly recommended for applications with high motor mobility.

They are the means of choice when flexible and dynamic power transmission is required, such as with bevel gears or bevel gearboxes. As the name suggests, worm gear units do not place particular emphasis on speed. Here, the angular planetary gear or planetary gear dominates due to its inertia, is significantly quieter than other gears and acts primarily as an independent drive.

No matter for which industry a professional power transmission is to be used

Our solutions can cope with any competitive situation and hold even at highest torques. Our references from the manufacturing industry, the oil and gas industry, the entire pharmaceutical and medical sector, the automotive industry and many other companies can prove this at any time.

If you are interested in our products in the field of angular planetary gears as well as other planetary gears for various torques please do not hesitate to contact us by mail or telephone. Our technical service includes detailed advice on the functioning of each of our planetary gears.

If you have any questions about the technology used, we will advise you competently and individually, precisely related to your problem. In doing so, we always comply with all data protection requirements.