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Stepper motors and controls from i.v.b.-Antriebstechnik

All designs around stepper motors and stepping motors, a motor with electronics as well as stepper motor controls keep the customer's wishes in mind again and again, so that completely individual solutions in drive technology can also be provided. This ensures perfect stepper motor control. The result is a compendium of innovative stepper motors and a modern stepper motor controller that also includes mechatronic systems for the motor. The torque is taken into account in every development phase.

This also includes new technologies such as different BUS systems, interfaces like USB, CNC, torque motors, hybrid technology, controllers, output stages and linear drives.

In addition, the company has many years of practical experience with a rich wealth of experience, which has expanded again and again. In the end, it is possible to implement customer wishes exactly and to plan and build controllers and stepper motors exactly.

To this end, a concept is first created which is then implemented in production. The contact to the customer is kept from the beginning, so that all wishes and also changes can be inserted directly into the concept and implemented. A very close cooperation with the customer in the development of a stepper motor controller is necessary. It does not matter whether a controller, a labelling controller, an additional display on the instrument panel or a stepper controller with a suitable motor is required. All motor requirements for steppers and controls of any kind can be developed and manufactured quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, customers are offered a comprehensive service around the motor, the stepper, the stepper motors and the controls.

This also includes the design and dimensioning of the required motors. After all, different work steps are required in the field of drive technology. For this purpose, all mechanical parameters that already exist must be taken into account in the control systems and stepper options. These must be brought into line with the work cycles if a stepper motor controller is to be successful. In this way, a concept for a new drive technology in stepper motor control and an optimal process flow can be guaranteed, so that the customer can achieve his targets with the stepper motors. ivb-Antriebstechnik offers intensive after-sales management to ensure that customers receive optimum support for new wishes or problems beyond the point of purchase.

Complex tasks at Stepper, Stepper Motor Control and Practicability are well known and are competently and comprehensively implemented in reality.

As a company in the automation technology of stepper and stepper motor control very individual solutions are offered in the product manufacturing.

This includes modern stepper motors in a very wide range. Furthermore, the company has specialized in mechatronic drive systems. Finally, the innovative stepper motor controls, which function electronically, enable a customer-friendly solution for a wide range of applications.

With this technology, costs can be reduced and better cost-effectiveness achieved.

In addition, such automations and steppers always offer a modern solution that leads to a better method, quality and, ultimately, high reliability. Stepper motors should be able to completely fulfil the desired controls and their possibilities, so that a high return on investment is possible with stepper motors and steppers.

In order to respond to the customer's wishes and to implement them in engine construction, high-quality materials are used which, in close coordination with the supplier, the manufacturer or dealer, enable individual adaptation to the customer's wishes. The company operates both nationally and internationally.

The products include stepper motors and controllers for individual positioning applications.

Particular attention is paid to stepper motor control. After all, precise positioning in the process is indispensable. However, it should not be forgotten that simple handling of the stepper motor controller is very important. Therefore, the stepper motor controller must always take into account the need for flexible programming of the controllers. Stepper motors do not only lead to success. Stepper motors are already the success in order to be able to carry out further optimizations in production.

All stepper motor systems are fully digital and therefore meet the latest requirements for stepper motors.

Different field bus systems are used again and again. This enables a wide scope of action, so that special and individual automation processes can be realized for many industries. The cost factor of all controls should not be ignored. And also with regard to the design, it must always be ensured that it meets the modern and compact requirements of a motor and stepper. The stepper motors with their individual control systems operate completely reliably and energy-efficiently in stepper motor control. Different motor technologies are used.

These products are used in the fields of medical technology, environmental technology, building automation, laboratory technology, machine technology, air-conditioning technology and heating technology.

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